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LUMS MBA Interview Question/Suggestions

Well there are few post regarding LUMS Interview question and pattern.

First of I would Like to share few question that I supposed to be asked by the panel, these are few of those told by LUMS Alums.

Personal Value Added Questions

  • About You Questions
  • What value added in your personality by you previous studies
  • What value in your personality Expected by MBA
  • Your Professional growth to date
  • Professional Questions
    Don’t be among those, who say they won’t ask such question, be prepared for questions from your BS, at
    least 30% of your interview constitutes this part; get prepared about your current activities at Job, and
    expect some actual definitions out there.

    MBA Questions

  • Why MBA after Technical education
  • Why MBA Now, why not before this time
  • What value do u expect from MBA
  • After MBA Plan
  • About Your Aim
  • Reasons of your appearing for MBA
  • Why MBA from Pakistan
  • whom you are Inspired in business
  • MBA at LUMS

  • Why MBA from LUMS, why not somewhere else
  • What you know about MBA at LUMS
  • What you know about LUMS
  • What Value you would add after MBA from LUMS
  • and some more, but keep in mind to manipulate the things
  • These are some tips and general question that you will find by goggling a little bit.

    Now I would like to share some questions like those asked to me

    1. They started from my previous studies and remained there till end 🙂 (very strange)
    2. Read that day’s newspaper, at least go through the headlines
    3. Read some about the causes of crises these days
    4. Look at that day’s celebration if any, they asked me about the Allama Iqbal’s death Anniversary
    5. IPL remained hot during my Interview, but they asked simple questions regarding this

    This is it. Above are some questions they asked me during my Interview. Good Luck !

    I will also blog about some stuff that I goggled before my Interview, You will find in Next Post.

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    Usman Afzal


    LUMS MBA Interview Story

    Well, after appearing into series of test for LUMS MBA, I finally got an interview call from Lahore University Of Management Sciences. My Interview was scheduled on 21 April, 2009 at 9:15 AM.

    I’m too touchy about my admission there, and was too confused before interview. I never prepared for any interview before LUMS interview, but by the grace of God always got myself through in every interview I appeared, but it seems that clouds will change therir color this time 🙂

    I met with some of my seniors, who are studying there, and also some who have passed form LUMS. There were lots of things to remember, but nothing to prepare :P. The bottom line what i have drawn after this experience is that it’s all about how you manipulate things in interview. There were a series of questions that were told to me, I will definitely share these with you, but let me first share my experience of this Interview.

    I went there around 8:45 AM, don’t take me as time watcher, it’s just because my parents made me awake at 5:00 AM. First, they put me in a very dump situation, asking me to write an easy about the following topic
    “Some say, learning from past is wastage of time. It’s all about present, nothing from past”. do I agree or disagree.

    Well, that was not so difficult, but in that environment you never know even about your own self. Afterwords, they call me for an Interview in front of 4 person’s panel, one of them was a woman and rest were Gentlemen (got me). As they start asking questions, it was totally different from what was delivered to me by many, they start asking questions (technically) about my profession, current project and activities within those projects, soon they get themselves in a more deeper way about my BS in Computer science, and then I realized that all of them belong to this field.

    Some pinching questions were about IPL (Indian Premier league) they want me to tell them about the individuals in playing in management of IPL, and some question about Indian Election and their parties. They also asked me about the current affairs regarding SWAT dispute and others.

    For those who say,  they don’t ask technical question, listen guys, they even asked me about Software Engineering Models, Methodologies, and design patterns, but most Importantly, If u r about to appear in such interview do read the newspaper of that day, at least the headlines, and also check what is Important to that date, I mean any anniversary or death anniversary, Remember I appeared on 21 April [ Poet Allama Iqbal’s death Anniversary] don’t shake your head, they asked me this question :).

    At last I just want to say, overall it was a good experience because I believe that there are always three outcomes while doing anything, we all know about the success and failure, but third one is learning.